Friday, October 8, 2010

Emily & Robert ~ A Country Wedding

This wedding was in June of 2010 out near Brennan, Texas. If anyone has been to Texas in June or even heard about that time of year, its hot. It's really hot. Luckily we were at a beautiful farm situated on a slight hill. After the sun went down we started to get some breezes and it was quite nice actually.
The heat did not bother Emily and Robert this day. They only thing on their minds was each other. I was with the bride before the ceremony and the other photographer was with the groom. I don't know about Robert, but Emily couldn't get out of there fast enough to see him. Once the church doors opened, all that anxiety and stress washed away. The instant vision and feeling of love was felt through out the whole church.
Congrats to Emily and Robert! May your love and marriage be as hot as that June evening.

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