Friday, February 5, 2010

My First Home

Last Friday my husband and I closed on our very first home. Let me tell you about a stressful yet unbelievable exciting time in our lives. We have never had to spend this amount of money at one time (which is stress in of itself), besides getting married I think this is the most important decision we have ever made and this means we are planting roots. Its pretty damn permanent.
We are staying in Houston and in the house for a long, long time. And we are in debt until 2040. Wow! I will be 60 years old. That is scary.
Stress and scariness aside, I am so freakin' happy. We walked around the house that first night and said "I own that wall and I can do whatever I want to it." "I own that sink, that drive way, that roof. It's all mine and I can do whatever I want this it."
Right now we have some people over helping us update our house a little. We are repainting the black brink and brown shutters on the outside (gross combo I know!), adding additional lighting in the living room/kitchen/dining room, adding some custom pieces to the closet (most exciting to me!) and little things here and there.
I'll try to grab some more pictures this weekend. These are the photos I snagged from the website it was listed on. I have a feeling this will be taking up alot of space on my blog in the upcoming months. Enjoy!
Front of the house
Side yard
You can see the carport, but can't see the little wooden deck behind the trees.
Dining room looking towards front door.
Living room looking towards kitchen and dinning room to the right.
Master bedroom
(we have ours set up basically the same way too)
Extra room
We are setting ours up as a sitting room/bedroom.
Second bedroom
Master bathroom
Btw, we asked them if we could have that hutch and mirror too, and we got it!
Second bathroom
The washer and dryer are in here. This is off the sitting/extra room.

Back yard
The basketball hoop is no longer there, but we are looking into getting a new one.