Friday, May 27, 2011

Elizabeth & Wakeford ~ A Teary Wedding

I wanted to post a quick preview of the wedding I am working on right now. Maybe its the pregnancy hormones or not, but I boo hooed during this ceremony! These two are so sweet together. I'll get to the rest soon, but here's a freebie for your holiday weekend.

Friday, May 20, 2011

I actually won something!

Something extra fun for this Friday. I am at work and its pretty slow. I walked past our copy room where we have our mail boxes and I see a rather large package in my box. I get excited and walk over to grab it, I never get anything fun at work. The return address is from Solvang, CA. I thought, "who's sending me something from Solvang?" I've been there before when I lived in CA with a group of girlfriends, but I don't know any one there. We went Christmas shopping because IT IS Christmas town, but I digress.  I go back to my desk and rip is open and low and behold, its the Jose Villa Wedding book I won from Hot Pink Brides. I am so excited that I have to share the whole experience with you.

Thank you Jose and Hot Pink Brides for choosing me to win this beautiful book. I will cherish it always.

Here's the link to the contest and you can see what I wrote.

Channing & Paul ~ A Perfect Small Wedding

Meet Channing and Paul. I met them that night since I was the second shooter for Temple Webber. I was able to spend alot of time with the bride and her family before the wedding. We were held up in the small room behind the chapel and we could only whisper. That's how small the church is. We quietly had some girl time and got Channing into her beautiful gown. Absolutely stunning doesn't even come close to how she looked. The ceremony was short and sweet and then we were whisked off to the Coronado Club downtown where guests were greeted by two trumpet player. The sound was amazing bouncing off all of the tall buildings. Then inside for an intimate seated dinner.
Congratulations Channing and Paul!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Caroline & Michael ~ A Sweet Wedding

Here is a quick post of Amy and John's wedding I shot as the second shooter earlier this year for Temple Webber. I was only there for a short time, I left right after the cake cutting. Please enjoy these very sweet photos I grabbed at their wedding. Her sister got married more recently and I will be sharing those soon too.