Thursday, December 31, 2009

Goodbye 2009, Hello 2010!

This has been an exciting year to say the least. First full year of Sarah Austin Photography, many of my best friends found love and were married, new life has been brought into the world and sadly we have lost some too, my husband and I relocated from California to Texas, new jobs, new friends, many great experiences, discovered new places, grew up and learned a few things.

My New Years resolution is to continue shooting and make new life long friends and to keep staying in touch with the ones I have now.

Here's to a great year in 2009 and to an even better year in 2010!

Happy New Year from the Austins!

Be advised that I will be deleting my Myspace and Facebook photography pages. I am on to bigger and better things and will keep you updated.
Stay tuned...

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Roy Orbison Fragrance - A Cardinal Party

The Cardinal Boutique, located off of Voss and Westheimer, had a fragrance release party for Pretty Woman. Roy Orbison was "there." There was great food, singing and dancing and even a little shopping. Thanks Sarah and Robin for letting me come to your event. I had a blast!

This event was also blogged on my friend Elan's site, Fashion Houston. Click here to check out her post.

A Debutante Ball

This is such a southern tradition. It's call a Debutant Ball Presentation. It's when a young lady is being presented into society by her parents. Each girl had her father and a date as escorts. First the are presented, bow in front of everyone, all girls are announced, then the dance with their dad and then dates. The goal of the bow is to go the lowest with out falling. There is a lot of choreography and practicing that goes into these event. The presentations are put together by different groups and held at country clubs. Here is the Houston Country Club Deb Ball that was held the day before Thanksgiving. Man was it a party. I think 1200 guests attended this one.

Friday, December 18, 2009

I've been blogged!

Check me out on Just Chic Events. This was a wedding I did a while ago for a friend. Love you Rick and Melissa!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Chris & Meg - An Engagement Part 2

You may remember these two lovely, amazing and kinda dorky two people? This summer I shot them in New Orleans at our family reunion. Did I mention that is my brother and soon to be sister in law? Well, they are. They wanted to try another round in the wonderful city they are living in now, D.C. We went to the Lincoln Memorial where he proposed, the Round Bar at the Willard Hotel where they called everyone to tell them the news and in the front of the condo they share. We are now about 5 months away from the big day. I can't wait! Enjoy part 2!

 Click here to view the full gallery
sarah austin photography

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Austins - A Cross Country Trip

My hubby and departed Glendale, California at 4:30 pm on Wednesday, September 23rd. We said goodbye to our neighbors and friends and buckled our seat belts and sat in silence for the first hour. We choose to move back to Houston, Texas to better our lives in buying a house and starting a family at some point. Those things are almost impossible in California. We love our California family and miss them everyday. When ever I see a picture from there it takes me way back and I feel a little home sick.
Houston in the first month has been amazing. For the first time in my life I can say, "I love my job!" Hubby also obtained a dream job doing the same thing that he was doing in California, about 10 minutes down the road. We are truly happy, blessed and exciting about what is next to come.
Here is our trip documented view Sony Cyber-shot. I think I'll call her Sonny. If you've never made a car trip at least half way across the country, you should, America is beautiful!

The last supper with our neighbors.
Family photo at Kim's.
Packed up house. empty...
Sam helping the movers carry out boxes.
Semi packed truck.
Empty house.
Somewhere around Palm Springs. Thermometer was around 110 degrees.
Pulling into Tucson at night to sleep
Waking up early in the morning with Audrey freaking out. We had to sneak her into the Holiday Inn Express. Joy!
Drugged up cat
Not even close
Have YOU seen the Thing?
We are about to experience the legend of, The Thing.
Almost there...
...not it...
Sorry! You'll have to go to Texas Canyon, Arizona to see it for yourself.
Sam driving...
...driving by a train...
...driving by a road runner? WTH is that?
Yay! We made it to Texas!
Isn't she beautiful?
The horizon was so flat that I passed out, here I am waking up after the sun went down. Weird feeling.
Nom, nom, nom. Sonic is so much more accessible now. Nom!
First stop, Funky Town. Aka: Fort Worth, Texas.
Fort Worth as seen from the Amon Carter Museum.
Remington painting at the Amon Carter
Weirdest George Washington painting ever, also at the Amon Carter.
Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth. Love this sculpture.
Stairway to heaven, maybe.
Then off to visit my best friend Jenny and her baby Price. Bath time!
Brusha, brusha, brusha!
Danielle, me and Jenny. Bestest chicks ever!
Fatass, Audrey.
This is the last time I saw my fur baby, Audrey. I was so sad and she looks scared out of her mind! I have never seen that face before.
Texas State Penatentary located in Hunstville, Texas.
Sam Houston statue by David Adix.
Yay! We made it to HOUSTON!
Galleria area in Houston.
The Honda made it. Ain't she pretty?