Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Chris & Meg - An Engagement

Guess what? My brother is getting married! And, he picked the best bride ever! Chris and Meg live in DC and do some kinda secret covert-ops under wraps kinda jobs. Just kidding, but I can never tell anyone what they do because I just don't get it, but they met there and fell in love. Now they will be getting married next year in New Orleans. We were down there in New Orleans for a Dufour Family Reunion and we got a mini E-Session done. Aren't they cute!? Love you guys and can't wait for the wedding!


  1. Thanks Amanda! Being in New Orleans is so inspiring!

  2. My baby is finally getting married. The pix are great!!! So much like both of them. Good job!!!!

  3. Hey Sarah-
    the pictures came out great. What a great couple!