Friday, August 27, 2010

Nena ~ She's Having a Baby!

One of my bestest friends in the whole world is having a baby! We met in Los Angeles when I lived there and instantly connected because we are both from the South. I'm from Texas and she's from Mississippi. Those LA peeps could not handle the ruggedness that Nena and I grew up with. Between our group of girlfriends, we would talk about who would be having a baby first and the answer was always me. That's only because I have been married FOREVER! (Love you Sam!) Nena would joke that she'd be one of the last, well she proved us wrong.
So it had been only 4 months after moving back to Houston and I get this phone call from my hus-band saying "Have you talked to Nena?" and I'm like "No, why?" He says I need to call her ASAP. BTW, Sam spilled the beans to me before I even called her. I freak out! Then I take a few breaths, then I pick up the phone and have to dial her number a few times because I'm so excited. I finally get her on the phone and all that comes out is, "Hey, whats up?" I was speechless, but I said it in that tone. I think we can kinda read each others minds and she knew I knew. I then awake from my stupor and freak out, "Ahhhh I'm so excited! Tell me everything! Tell me how excited you must be?! How are you feeling?! Eeeeeeee!"
It's all been uphill from there and two weeks ago I finally got back out to LA for her baby shower and maternity portraits. Shes absolutely radiating beauty and love. She is going to be an amazing mother. I can't wait to meet little baby Gavin!
Congratulations Nena, your are simply beautiful.

Here is Nena and my assistant for the day, Laura. You rock! And that white
ghost in the red shirt with Nena is me. Wow I really need a tan!
Here is the first portrait session I did with Nena, pre-baby.

sarah austin photography