Friday, May 28, 2010

Audrey ~ My Kittybaby

I feel like you might not know who my baby is, I mean, my kittybaby, and not knowing who she is means you don't fully know who I am. Her full name is Audrey Hepburn Dufour "Shamu" Austin. Audrey Hepburn because she's wearing a tuxedo and she's classy like that, Dufour is my maiden name and hers as well; once you marry me, you marry my furbaby! Shamu is because shes just fat, but I think she's perfect and Austin is her new last name. A few more names might come into play at some point, but I'll stop here for now. Her nicknames vary. Right now she is either My Boo or Booger Boo. Sometimes I say boo in this high pitched squeak which I think is hilarious, but Sam (hus-band) does not.
I think that's enough at this point, I'll continue soon on the never ending story that is Audrey...

can you see her beauty mark on her nose? classy

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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Sarah & Chris ~ A Wedding

Oddly enough the bride's name was Sarah, that made it hard for Temple and I to work with both of us turning every time he called out our name. Also, the groom's name is Christopher. My brother's name is Christopher. It was just kinda odd, but what was not odd, was the beautiful wedding of Sarah and Chris.
They were married at First Presbyterian Church and the reception was at Sarah's parents house in River Oaks. These two are madly in love and it shows. Too bad they have to leave hot Houston and go back to Cincinnati, they both work at Proctor & Gamble. Although at this time of the year, I think I'd gladly go up there, its so hot!
Congratulations to you both and thank you for letting me into your lives on your most special day!

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Friday, May 21, 2010

Sarah & Chris ~ A Wedding Teaser

A couple of beautiful shots from the fabulous wedding I worked last weekend at an impressive River Oaks home. More to come soon. I need to shoot another wedding, and then I will get back to more editing. Hey, that kinda rhymed!

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Thursday, May 20, 2010

More of my new home

k ok, its been a while and I know it. The last pics I posted on here of my new home were the ones I stole off the website. It's been about 4 months now since we moved in and it feels like we've always been here. Every room is complete except for one, the office. That one will take some time. Anyways, I have to thank my mother-in-law for spending all here (non)extra time helping us unpack, hang pictures and ladders, dig up that garden and use her awesome decorating style to complete our home. She is for hire btw, send me an email if your interested. Now I am by no means an architect photographer, but I try, so no judgements.
So here are some updates:
Front of the house at sunrise.
We lost a tree, don't worry it was already dead. At this moment, the guy was still strapped to the top of the tree. So much fun to watch!
Living room and kitchen.
Sam and Maggie. See out shelves up top? Maggie did all that.
Hanging ladders.
As they say on MTV Cribs, where the magic happens. Now imagine me jumping backwards in slow motion onto the bed...
Can you see me in the reflection? Yup, I'm in my PJ's. Got a problem with that?
The Glorious Closet. Shoes!
Oh ya, and that's my jewelry closet. I made it all by myself.
Walk way from the living room to the back. Also the back door is behind Sam.
Back sitting room, soon to become music room.
Guest bath.
Back porch with sexy lighting.
This is how we spend out time when we get home from work.
The intruder that keeps eating my herbs! And I thought it was one of the millions of neighborhood cats, nope. I lost my rosemary and dill because of him, but I'll try again soon.

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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Elizabeth & John ~ A Wedding

Elizabeth and John were married at St. Michaels Church with the reception following at the Junior League of Houston. I was the second shooter for Temple Webber Photography. We've got about nine weddings we are shooting in a row this summer season and this was number one. It was a great start to our busy season. The bride was all smiles all day long and I don't think the groom stopped smiling either. The family and friends laughed and cried through out the night watching these two who are so much in love. Its been so hot and muggy in Houston lately and that all parted for Elizabeth and John to get married. What a perfect evening!
Congrats to Elizabeth and John!

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