Friday, May 28, 2010

Audrey ~ My Kittybaby

I feel like you might not know who my baby is, I mean, my kittybaby, and not knowing who she is means you don't fully know who I am. Her full name is Audrey Hepburn Dufour "Shamu" Austin. Audrey Hepburn because she's wearing a tuxedo and she's classy like that, Dufour is my maiden name and hers as well; once you marry me, you marry my furbaby! Shamu is because shes just fat, but I think she's perfect and Austin is her new last name. A few more names might come into play at some point, but I'll stop here for now. Her nicknames vary. Right now she is either My Boo or Booger Boo. Sometimes I say boo in this high pitched squeak which I think is hilarious, but Sam (hus-band) does not.
I think that's enough at this point, I'll continue soon on the never ending story that is Audrey...

can you see her beauty mark on her nose? classy

sarah austin photography

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