Thursday, May 20, 2010

More of my new home

k ok, its been a while and I know it. The last pics I posted on here of my new home were the ones I stole off the website. It's been about 4 months now since we moved in and it feels like we've always been here. Every room is complete except for one, the office. That one will take some time. Anyways, I have to thank my mother-in-law for spending all here (non)extra time helping us unpack, hang pictures and ladders, dig up that garden and use her awesome decorating style to complete our home. She is for hire btw, send me an email if your interested. Now I am by no means an architect photographer, but I try, so no judgements.
So here are some updates:
Front of the house at sunrise.
We lost a tree, don't worry it was already dead. At this moment, the guy was still strapped to the top of the tree. So much fun to watch!
Living room and kitchen.
Sam and Maggie. See out shelves up top? Maggie did all that.
Hanging ladders.
As they say on MTV Cribs, where the magic happens. Now imagine me jumping backwards in slow motion onto the bed...
Can you see me in the reflection? Yup, I'm in my PJ's. Got a problem with that?
The Glorious Closet. Shoes!
Oh ya, and that's my jewelry closet. I made it all by myself.
Walk way from the living room to the back. Also the back door is behind Sam.
Back sitting room, soon to become music room.
Guest bath.
Back porch with sexy lighting.
This is how we spend out time when we get home from work.
The intruder that keeps eating my herbs! And I thought it was one of the millions of neighborhood cats, nope. I lost my rosemary and dill because of him, but I'll try again soon.

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