Friday, March 25, 2011

Travis ~ A True Talent

One of my best friends for High school, Travis Vance,  came in town last week and played a show. He did sort of a mini tour through Texas so he could see some friends and family while playing with his friends, Parachute Musical. He currently lives in Nashville, TN and writes and plays his own music. I've known Travis since middle school and always knew that he could play bass and was very talented, but when I saw him last week, whoa. This guy is amazing! He needs to be big time and you all need to hear him play. I'll see if I can link to some of him music later. For now, enjoy these shots I got of him.

 Ya this is how we role

Friday, March 18, 2011

Sydney ~ A Preview

Just a taste of whats to come with the Rosencranz/Isaacs Wedding...

The Carters ~ Brothers

I ran into this lovely family at the Cornelius' wedding down in Mexico. Kathryn, the mother of these two adorable cuties, and I went to school with each other since middle school. Weird how you can reconnect in another country. Well, we started talking alot in Mexico and she wanted to some photographs of her children. Since she lives outside of Fort Worth, I said I could help her accomplish this mission next time I am in town. That turned out to be two weeks later and look at these darlings. They are all boys I must say. I was only able to get two shots of them in the same frame. But I loved going out to see Kathryn's home on the ranch and spend the afternoon with the boys. Thank you Carter's! You have a beautiful family!

Friday, March 11, 2011

I'm Still Here ~ Bigger and Better

Hi Everyone! Sorry I have been so m.i.a. this year. The day job has been a little crazy with the largest event of the year that was held last week and...well you can see the other small reason. OK well rather large reason! Don't worry, this will not turn into my baby's blog, it is still all mine, but I want everyone to know what I am up to as well. I'll post updates as I travel along this new journey.