Monday, October 20, 2008

Halloween - A Pumpkin Patch

On Sunday my neighbors, friends and I went to the Pumpkin Patch in San Fernando, CA to search for the perfect soon to be jack-o-lantern. It was a little too warm to be hunting for pumpkins, but I could not have asked for a better day. After we got our pumpkins, veggies from the farmers market and completed the corn maze, we made our way to the Bear Pit for some umm, umm good bar-b-que. Happy Halloween everyone!


  1. Now that's a pumpkin patch! We took Zach to one last week...we tried to get some great pix (and what we got was okay), but it sure would have been nice to have you around!! As always, great pictures!

  2. Hey, saw your blog from myspace. It is awesome you are doing what you love. You have some great pictures on here and I enjoyed reading about your exciting life in CA (since I am still here in my old home town!)